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Last updated September 21, 2017

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"Perfection is highly overrated and you are working with pieces you love, so it will be hard to pick the wrong items." ~~ Courtney Carver
Who's counting?

I've gone back and forth on the question of whether to set a number limit on clothes. Thoughtful people have pointed out that it's more important to have a wardrobe that meets your needs, makes your life easier, than it is to obsess over arbitrary limits. On the other hand, setting a number creates a measurable goal, and keeps the clothes from outrunning the closet.

Clothes from last spring's 10x10 Challenge

Still, the questions keep coming. How do some people manage even less than 33 items, jewelry and sunglasses included? Is resistance to fewer clothes a fear of being stripped down of my protective layers, in the same way that I want to turn the radio on when the room is too quiet?  Or is it just that I can't decide on pink over green? 

I'm still working on those. 
What I have now may not look "minimalist," but at least it is "intentional." 

Life as it is

For this fall, I've chosen 34 items, counting all clothes, coats, and shoes, but not purses, scarves, or other accessories. This allows enough room for lightweight September t-shirts and cotton pants, and warm sweaters and cords for probable November snow. "NEW" beside an item means that I don't think I've used it on a wardrobe page before.

I try to stay honest about my typical day and week, and say no to clothes from some other life (one in which I'm taller, younger, and dress up for work). I admire Downton-Abbey-style vintage hats, but they would be a bit odd to wear around the apartment. I also don't have any real use for a new travel satchel, although I enjoy thinking that I'd like to pack clothes and go somewhere more often. I'll probably be away overnight just once during the fall, for a weekend retreat on Lake Erie.

These are my other planned activities: 

Volunteering (details undecided)

Study nights and meetings
Walking to the library or to do some shopping
Computer work (and housework)
Hanging out with my husband
Church on Sundays (not formal, but I like to wear something other than jeans)

“Is there not glory enough in living the days given to us? You should know there is adventure in simply being among those we love and the things we love, and beauty, too.” 

Things to Wear


Scarves: these are the ones I'll be wearing the most over the fall.
Four belts, all thrifted. The black macrame and chain-of-hearts belts are recent finds. I also added a fifth, a narrow black and silver one (it was a dollar at the thrift store).
Jewelry: mostly earrings and necklaces. The three scarf rings near the bottom of the photo were bought in the 1980's, when big bows were The Thing. I use them now mostly to fasten shawls or cardigans. Sometimes I clip them onto a chain, for an instant necklace.
Purses: same as previous seasons.


Tops and sweaters (10)

Long tank top, deep pink

Charcoal-grey t-shirt
There is nothing special about this, and I probably wouldn't have included it, except that it's a good under-layer for open necklines. Sometimes a little extra fabric is good.

Off-white t-shirt

Long navy t-shirt (thrifted)

Grey-patterned loose-fitting top (NEW, thrifted)

Pink rib-knit long-sleeved t-shirt (NEW, thrifted)

Purple jersey top (NEW, thrifted)

Denim shirt (thrifted)

Lightweight dark green pullover sweater (thrifted) I could have cut this one out after finding a sweater dress in a similar colour, but it's staying on the list for now.

Raspberry pullover sweater (consignment store)

Dresses (4)
Short-sleeved green knit dress (thrifted).
This dress isn't good for layering or mixing, and its time is brief because it's a short-sleeved style made of wool: too heavy for summer, too light for winter. But I enjoy wearing it while the seasons change.

Slate-blue sweater dress (NEW, thrifted)

Another sweater dress, in a more fitted style (NEW, thrifted).

This was a last-minute addition, and it pushed the total to 34 instead of 33; but it's a do-everything dress (or tunic or sweater) that works well with the other clothes. The colour is hard to nail down: the dress appears dark blue at first, but close up it is more of a teal green mixed with black.

Layers and Cardigans (4)

Knit vest, mixed colours (NEW, thrifted)

Dark grey blazer (NEW, thrifted)

Purple fleece cardigan (NEW, thrifted)

Navy convertible wrap sweater (NEW, thrifted)
This is the kind of cardigan that can be wrapped, tied, bangled, and looped.

Skirts and Pants (8)
Navy maxi skirt (NEW, thrifted)
This one is just an experiment, since I haven't had huge luck wearing long skirts and dresses. 

Dark grey midi skirt (NEW, thrifted)
I liked this skirt a lot, but it was too big in the waist, and the alteration wasn't something I could do well myself. I paid to have it taken in, so that's my motivation to wear it a lot this fall!

Dark grey cords (NEW, thrifted)

Navy cotton ankle pants (NEW, thrifted)
Blue jeans (thrifted)
Navy sweatpants (NEW, thrifted)
Charcoal jeggings 
Dark grey pants in a dressier fabric (thrifted)

Outdoor wear (4)

Grey openwork poncho and matching circle scarf (NEW, consignment store).
This is one of my favourite clothing finds. The poncho can be worn straight-on, sideways, or belted as a top. The scarf will add a bit of warmth when the weather gets colder.

Green outdoor jacket (thrifted/DIY)
Purple coat (thrifted)
Cold-weather jacket

Shoes (4)

Everyday slip-on shoes from summer (I'm looking for something like loafers or flats to swap them with for fall)

Grey and white sneakers

Grey wedge heels (thrifted)

Lace-up black boots (NEW), and a pair of boots from last year as backup (especially if it rains)

How I'm Wearing Them
Most of these outfit photos don't have shoes. That is not because I don't wear shoes; it was just easier to lay them out that way.

Warm weather, very casual

Jeans, off-white t-shirt (shown with backpack)
Navy sweatpants or navy ankle pants, navy t-shirt
Navy sweatpants, navy t-shirt, navy wrap sweater (styled as a short cardigan)

Warm weather, medium-dressy to dressed-up

Charcoal jeggings, grey top, grey scarf, chain belt
Dark grey midi skirt, grey top, lilac scarf, chain belt
Dark grey midi skirt, pink tank top, silver belt

Cooler weather casual
Charcoal jeggings, teal/black sweater dress (styled as tunic)
Teal/black sweater dress, denim shirt
Jeans, long-sleeved pink t-shirt, knitted vest
Jeans, green pullover, purple cardigan.
Grey cords, Revolve dress as top, knitted vest

Cooler weather, medium-dressy to dressed-up
Dark grey corduroy pants, green pullover, dark grey blazer. This also works with the grey skirt.
Grey cords, navy wrap sweater styled as draped pullover
Charcoal jeggings or grey cords, poncho, chain belt (there should be a top or camisole in there too)
Grey-blue sweater dress with navy wrap sweater worn open
Dark grey midi skirt, purple top, tights, boots
 Navy maxi skirt (pulled up to shorter length), raspberry pullover, tights/boots or wedge shoes
Dark grey midi skirt, Revolve dress as top, necklace, boots or wedge shoes
Grey blazer, grey-blue sweater dress, necklace, wedge shoes

What I Added

Dark grey corduroy skirt (thrifted)
Dark green jacket (thrifted)

What I Wore

Sept. 3:  Church: blue sweater dress with a belt. Hanging out later: navy cardigan, navy jogging pants, dark blue long tank top (not on the list).
Sept. 4:  Labour Day antiquing: jeans, grey v-neck top layered over grey t-shirt, a fun necklace. 
Sept. 5. Bag-lunch day at church: jeggings, dark blue long tank top (still not on the list), navy cardigan.
Sept. 6: Housework and stuff: navy jogging pants, vanilla t-shirt.
Sept. 7: Also at home: jeans, long-sleeved pink top
Sept. 8: Charcoal jeggings, fitted sweater dress as tunic, grey/silver circle scarf
Sept. 9: Groceries on a cool morning: jeans, green pullover, purple fleece cardigan
Sept. 10: Church: darker sweater dress (belted to knee-length), purple scarf, tights and heels.
Sept. 11: Navy sweatpants, purple top
Sept. 12: Warm day, thrift store run: grey jeans (not on the list), grey t-shirt, denim shirt
Sept. 13: Burger date with my husband: dark grey corduroy skirt, grey V-neck top, jade green jacket, black macrame belt, fabric shoes
Sept. 14: Jeans, navy t-shirt
Sept. 15 & 16: Spurt of warm weather: casual-warm things
Sept. 17: Church: Grey midi skirt, grey v-neck top over t-shirt, belt, bead necklace
Sept. 18: (still quite hotl Grey corduroy skirt, a summer t-shirt
Sept. 19: Antiquing trip: navy pants, navy t-shirt, jade green jacket
Sept. 20: Charcoal t-shirt, grey corduroy skirt, macrame belt, Beach Pebble necklace from Ten Thousand Villages
Sept. 21: Shorts and t-shirt. (It's still hot.)

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