Project 333 for Summer 2017: Birds and Gardens

Last updated April 25, 2017 

"Letting go may feel hard and sound loud, but holding on is harder." ~~ Courtney Carver, "The Sound of Letting Go" 

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My last season's list: Winter's End 2017
And the one before that: Winter 2016-2017

Time period: May to August 2017

This spring/summer brings change here in much more than clothing. We are in the middle/muddle of moving from a house to an apartment, which means that I've been busy with things other than what to wear, and also that I'm going to have less closet and drawer space when the moving is done. So, Project 333 to the rescue. Also the new (to me) idea of a One Week Wardrobe, which is another way of saying, "I have enough." 

TOTAL ITEMS:  35 (it was going to be 32, but I bought some t-shirts)
Not counting: scarves, jewelry, hats, and a couple of around-the-house t-shirts and shorts

Inspirations This Summer
File:Breakfast in the Garden, Frieseke.jpg
 Breakfast in the Garden, by Frederick Carl Frieseke,
also called Teatime in a Giverny Garden. Tea, breakfast, it's all good.

My husband gave me this necklace for my birthday: an instant favourite.

What's on the list? 


Blue quilted backpack (NEW, gift)
Purple purse (thrifted)
Small blue shoulder bag (thrifted)


Grey and white sneakers (NEW)
Dark blue slip-on shoes
Bone-coloured flats


Teal Chrysalis Cardi from Encircled (can be a wrap, cape/poncho, sleeveless dress, short skirt, long skirt, or infinity scarf)

shown here as a dress under the watercolour-print shawl

Purple sleeveless maxi dress (thrifted)

shown with teal Chrysalis Cardi 

Dark blue cotton dress (NEW, thrifted)

Sage-green sleeveless dress (thrifted)


Green skirt (NEW, thrifted)

Print skirt (handmade)

Bone-coloured pants (thrifted)

Navy shorts (thrifted)

Navy cropped pants with a bit of floral texture (NEW, thrifted)

Charcoal jeggings

Grey jeans (thrifted)

TOPS (13)

Indigo-print tank top (thrifted)

Grey/blue striped tank top (NEW, thifted)

Chambray sleeveless top (NEW, thrifted/DIY)

Long pink tank top

Three cotton t-shirts (NEW)

Navy t-shirt and tank top (two pieces worn as one) (thrifted)
Long navy t-shirt (thrifted)
Grey jersey top, 3/4 sleeves (thrifted)

Green long-sleeved t-shirt (thrifted)

Dark denim shirt (NEW, thrifted)
Navy pullover sweater (thrifted)

Green pullover sweater (NEW, thrifted)

Denim-blue cardigan (NEW)

Purple/pink long sleeveless vest...I think it's a vest. Anyway, it's a fun thing to wear. (NEW, thrifted)

Jean jacket (thrifted)

Sage-green outdoor jacket (thrifted/D.I.Y.)


Blue and silver scarf with butterflies (thrifted)

Impressionist watercolours in a big scarf (NEW, thrifted)

Indigo print silk scarf from Living Blue (thrifted)

The same scarf, worn cape-style

Some jewelry I wear a lot (yard-saled, handmade by daughters, and gifts)

Getting Through the Week

Monday:  Cardigan or denim shirt, striped tank top, navy shorts, blue shoes, backpack
Tuesday: Off-white t-shirt, green skirt, butterfly scarf, bone-coloured or blue shoes, light blue purse
Wednesday:  Pink tank top, purple/pink vest, grey jeans and grey running shoes, or sandals, purple purse
I discovered that the vest also works upside down.

Thursday:  Purple-blue t-shirt, print skirt, bone-coloured shoes, or sandals
Or maybe add a scarf.
Friday:  Bright mauve t-shirt, matching circle scarf, bone-coloured pants and shoes, backpack or purple purse
Saturday: Navy printed t-shirt and tank (or pullover if it's cool), navy cropped pants, blue shoes, backpack
Sunday: (1) Navy sleeveless dress with indigo-print long scarf used as belt; bone-coloured shoes or sandals, blue purse

(2) Indigo-print tank top, charcoal jeggings. blue shoes, backpack

Come visit again for more summer updates!

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