Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Carnival of Homeschooling #334: Floatin' Down the River Edition

This week's carnival takes its theme from a post at Tea Time with Annie Kate. Annie Kate recently took her homeschooled crew Floatin’ Down the River Again (AKA Homeschool Phys Ed). No boats, no rubber rafts--just a few lifejacketed kids (and mom) getting close--really close--to the elements.

I thought there might be a few homeschooling--or life--metaphors in there somewhere.

What do you think about while you're floating along?

Homespun Life presents On Living The Dream. "I started to think about what it is I really want for my kids, for their lives. Oh, I could list a lot of things. But I think in the end it comes down to the dream. The joy of living right where you know you should be – doing exactly what you were meant to do on this here earth and with this here life of yours."

No fighting, No biting! presents Preparation for Life.  "I want my children to have a world full of opportunity and strong academics is the path to that bright future."

Homeschool Atheist Momma Blog  presents Note to my Former Self

DenSchool presents Why Haven’t We Learned from Finland?  "If I lived in Finland, with a school system like this, I have to wonder if I would, in fact, be a homeschooler?"

Discoveries along the way

The Tiger Chronicle presents Stories from Down Under.

Golden Grasses presents Summer Season.

Why Homeschool  shares a solution for helping to round out the science lab experience.

My Domestic Church presents Works for Me Wednesday- Merrill Readers for Remediation and Intervention."We have been using Dianne Craft's Daily Lesson Plans and suggested resources and have seen great progress just since January."

Dewey's Treehouse presents a review of The Big What Now Book of Learning Styles.

Watch out for hidden rocks

Jen's Journey shares thoughts on Homeschooling Through Illness and Injuries.

Barbara Frank Online presents When Kids Refuse to Learn.

Parent at the Helm presents Attachment Parenting WILL Follow Homeschooling: Winning! "When I first saw the headline and photo Time magazine chose to place on its attachment parenting issue, I thought, 'Good.' Finally, parenting with instinct isn’t being ignored. It’s up to the ridicule stage."

Back on land

Sonset Academy  has also been Enjoying the Outdoors in May.  "Along with the nice weather we have been having, we have been enjoying the outdoors - learning, exploring, and experiencing the handiworks of God."

Art's Chili Pepper presents Home School Potpourri.  "However, when the day came that we could follow our natural love for learning and exploring and put away all the ideas that every problem had to be done, things had to be done in a certain time table or the thought there was only one way to fulfill our requirements... wow!  school sure changed for us."  Lots of detail and great photos!

Perfecting the Art of Homeschooling presents "Here's What's Coming in First Grade."

Homeschool Online Blog presents Where Do You Homeschool?

Florida-homeschooling.org presents Homeschool for Free.  Tips for finding no- and low-cost homeschool curricula and educational materials.

That's all for this week's carnival. The next trip down the river will land us at The Informed Parent.  See you there!

All photos courtesy of Teatime with Annie Kate.  Used by permission.


Annie Kate said...

What a neat way of tying everything in to our adventure on the river!

Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting together yet another wonderful homeschooling blog carnival for our terrific community - kudos!

Karen said...

What a WONDERFUL carnival!
Thanks so much!

Elena LaVictoire said...

Good job! Thanks for hosting!

Barbara Frank said...

Clever presentation! Thanks for hosting and including my post :)

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