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Festival of Frugality #330: Before You Take Out a Lion Edition

Sometimes I just read things too fast.

When I first looked at What Should You Try Before You Take Out a Loan?, posted at Budget Snob, I thought it said "What Should You Try Before You Take Out a Lion?"

As in, put 'em up, put 'em up.

So that's the title and theme of this week's Festival of Frugality.  Mis-readings, mis-understandings, mis-takes, and more. But first we'll give out three "Dreams That You Dare to Dream Really Do Come True" awards to some parents who (obviously) have a brain:

1. Start Investing Money presents What Does Investing in Kids Really Mean? "One of the best gifts you can give your kids is to teach them about money and how to handle it."

2. Brip Blap presents What Message Are You Sending?  "If a parent thinks they are being nice to a child by giving in to their every desire – giving them a “perfect childhood” – they are laying the groundwork for the road to (financial) hell." Brip Blap also has a question: if you were designing a financial-sense t-shirt, what would it say?

3.  Steadfast Finances presents 7 Smart Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Money.

And we present a "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" award to Money Spruce, who sent in an unfortunately-titled post with an interesting premise: "To me, it’s simple why it came out this way: we love hearing that the path we’ve chosen is the right one and the best one. We love these little stories that we can point to and say “I knew I was doing the right thing!” It’s music to the ears. At the same time, it’s often frustrating and even annoying to hear about people that disagree with how you approach things."

Now on to some money mistakes.

Stupid Cents presents Don’t Buy More Vehicle than You Need. "Simply put, we bought too much car, and we paid for our mistake."

Simply Investing presents The Biggest Investment Mistakes Canadians Are Making. "Nothing can trigger an emotional meltdown like watching your investment funds diminish when the stock market is having a bad day."

Add Vodka presents Ridiculous Things I Do to Save or Make Money. Example: "In January, I waited in a parking lot for an hour and a half between meetings instead of going home, just to save gas. The thing that made this unbelievably dumb is that I was only 7 minutes from home."

One Cent at a Time presents some scary statistics in How Rampant is Impulse Buying, Info-graphics. "When we blog about impulse buying, we always talk (and probably think) about major purchases in malls that we make, usually the ones which cost more than a couple of $10 bills. But, even a $2 item can be purchased impulsively."

Credit, Eh presents Watch Out for These Top 12 Canadian Scams. "Someone shows up and offers to perform a service, such as roofing. You pay part of the money up front, and nothing comes of it."

Boomer & Echo presents a review of How Not To Move Back In With Your Parents

(How to fix your mistakes? Budgeting in the Fun Stuff presents what she learned as a Hunger Games Fan. "Have a backup plan. This applies to money and everything else.")

Watch out for things you might mis-read:

Master the Art of Saving presents Make Money While Drinking Beer?  "Over the last week, I’ve gotten two spam emails stating that I can indeed make money while drinking beer."

My University Money warns that Credit Cards Are Dangerous For Students. Simple Finance Blog has a different take on credit in Sorry, Dave Ramsey: I Still Use Credit Cards. "I learned that if I have the cold, hard cash in my house, I’ll most likely spend it." She might be interested in Card Hub's The Best Credit Cards for Every Stage of Life .

How about some misunderstandings?

Work Save Live presents 6 Things You Must Discuss Before You Get Married. "As a financial coach I’m consistently surprised as to how ignorant each spouse is of their husband/wife’s spending habits."

Married with Debt presents Wage Slavery and Money Myths. "If the wheels stop moving, people might realize that they don’t need electric toothbrushes and cloud pillows."

Mama Squirrel (that's me) had a little price misunderstanding while looking for homeschool books.

Thousandaire presents an economics lesson in Would You Destroy An Entire Industry?

Canadian Finance Blog presents Could it be Worth it to Spend More Money?. "Sometimes, it is worth it to spend more for a better experience, such as buying good quality dark chocolate." No arguments on that one. But Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet reminds you to compare your options and look for lower prices, and  Self-help Happiness Blog is also Searching High and Low for a Deal.

Got questions? Ask Professor Marvel:

Finance Fox presents How Do We Measure Success? "If the ultimate goal is to feel successful, what is the measurement we should be using to achieve that feeling?"

Faithful With A Few presents Roth Vs Traditional IRA: Which One Is Best For You?

Canadian Personal Finance presents Are Financial Advisors and Financial Analysts the Same or Different?

Now on to this week's no-mistakes frugal stuff:

How to save some money:

Living in Financial Excellence presents Intro to Couponing. . .Get More for Less. "Couponing takes time, it’s slow at first but don’t worry and don’t get overwhelmed by all the information, little by little it will sink in and you will be saving like a pro."

The Penny Hoarder presents How to Save 10 Percent on Your Grocery Bill Without Cutting a Single Coupon. "If you’re one of those people or you’re somebody who uses coupons, but wants to save even more, I’ve got an unconventional way to cut the grocery bill."

NerdWallet reviews an online bill management system in Buried in Bills? Use Manilla to Cut Down on Clutter.

Frugal Confessions presents Consumers are Sale-Desensitized, and for Good Reason. "To most retailers today, products are on sale all the time. Well, by definition that just does not work."

Money Talks Coaching presents Saving For College; How to do it and why you shouldn't feel guilty for not. And Young Family Finance presents How Much to Save for College.  What do you do once you get there? Free Money Wisdom presents What Should You Do With Your First Pay Check in College?  Maybe you can spend it with a friend: Green Panda Treehouse presents Dating When You’re A Poor College Student.

For frugal beginners: Money Infant presents 10 Things You Can Do to Get Out of Debt Starting Today, and PT Money Personal Finance presents 7 Ways to Start Saving Money Today. But if you're really desperate, check out Extreme Frugality at 20s Finances. Using public restrooms to save on toilet paper? Okay...

Smart on Money presents Why the Savvy Shoppers Are All Online. "Here are some secrets that savvy shoppers use when shopping or researching online."  Everything Financehas more shopping tips in Keeping Up with Your Technology - Buy Used and Buy Often.

How to make some money:

See Debt Run reviews GoalMine.com.

Modest Money presents Starting A Side Business. "I decided that I was going to start my own website and see if I could put my new website marketing skills to use. I just had to think up an idea." Money Reasonspresents a similar idea with Can A Side Blogging Business Help You At Your Primary Job.

MoneySmartGuides presents Buy and Hold: The Path to Wealth. "How do you avoid being another average investor? Buy and hold."

The Millionaire Nurse Blog presents Are You A Scared Twenty Something Investor? "You’re a millennial. You’re investing as if you’ve survived the Great Depression. How will you have the needed money to retire when the time comes?"

"Click your heels three times and say 'there's no place like home.'"

The Frugal Toad presents Saving Money for a Home Down Payment.

Your Finances Simplified presents 30 Tips For First Time Home Buyers.

Personal Dividends presents How to Take Advantage of the Soft Real Estate Market. "You could be the only person who’s made an offer on the property in months, and that puts all the advantages in your corner." But Funancials reminds us in Should Homeownership Still Be The American Dream? that "If you aren’t disciplined enough to save up 20% of a home’s purchase price, you shouldn’t be buying."

Financial Success for Young Adults presents How to Save in Your New Home. "Whether you are renting or are lucky enough to own your own home it’s important to make sure you aren’t paying out too much for the essentials."

Retire Happy Blog presents Moving, downsizing and simplifying in retirement.

More frugal home stuff:

One Money Design presents Six Helpful Tips to Get You Spring Cleaning on a Budget. "...households spend BILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year on household cleaning products. That is a lot being spent on fancy, name brand furniture polish, floor cleaners, and toilet scrub!"

Growing Organically found some great thrifted homeschool stuff in The power of THRIFT.

ChristianPF presents 6 Ways To Save Money Gardening.  What to do with what you grow? Prairie Eco Thrifter presents Canning Can Be Cheap! "As you can see, there is a lot of equipment and accessories that are needed for canning. But, acquiring these items need not break the bank if you know where to look."

Sustainable Personal Finance presents Building Your Home Food Storage. "With the right planning, you can create a home food storage that prepares you for the future — and is largely sustainable."

The Common Room presents Budget Grocery Shopping. "Basic tips on how plan a menu using the local sales flyers, make your shopping list and do the grocery shopping using the least time and gas possible for the most savings."

Frugal Cool breaks out her slow cooker in The must-have kitchen appliance.

Personal Finance Journey presents Quick Meals for Week Nights.

Saving Advice presents 27 Healthy Foods that Don't Cost a Fortune. "The trick to eating healthy on a budget is to eat “real” foods." (Maybe not talking ones, though.)

"Don't cry, you'll rust yourself again":

One Money Design presents Frugal Kitchen Tips: Frugal Kitchen Appliances.  "Almost everyone who has ever burned through multiple blenders, toasters, or coffee makers, dreads having to go through the process of purchasing a replacement."  Can you say "toaster oven?"

Frugality on the road:

Free Money Finance reviews some tips on The Best Days and Times to Buy a Car.

Money Counselor presents Gas Cost and Fuel Efficiency. "Many car owners are beginning to wonder: When does it pay to buy a hybrid or other ultra fuel efficient vehicle?"

Mom's Plans presents Our Experience Staying in a Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) Instead of a Hotel.

Lazy Man and Money presents Visiting New Orleans on a Budget.

In case of flying monkeys and other emergencies:

Grocery Alerts presents Where to find the cheapest drug dispensing fees in Canada? "If you take prescription medications in Canada and do not have health insurance with your employer, our post will save you some money."

Faith and Finance presents Health Insurance Options for Self Employed Individuals. "Whether you are just starting out as a self employed individual or have owned your own business for years, it’s a good idea to consider your health insurance options."

My Broken Coin presents Healthcare: Two Sides of One Story. "Not a lot of people realize or know what countries across the ocean offer to their people in terms of healthcare. When a few months ago I went back home, to Lithuania, I was fascinated by some of the benefits people have access to."

That's the end of this week's Festival of Frugality. Next week's Festival will be hosted by One Smart Dollar. As always, send your entries through the form here, before the Monday night deadline.

Images from The Wizard of Oz (1939).


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