Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sculpey® share

I have to be a bit careful about revealing details on this, since it involves the behind-the-scenes of a Christmas present.

There was one Michael's coupon, which equalled one discounted 12-pack of Sculpey® III.  It made more sense than buying a handful of separate blocks.
There was one family member with a lot of imagination who took the twelve bars, divided them into two six-packs, and created custom labels for each colour.  Some of the labels were family jokes.  Others were more general:  "Light my Sapphire."  "My Bieby."
There were two Squirrelings, each with a Christmas stocking.  Each received one ribbon-tied cellophane bag, containing six personalized blocks of clay.   (Among other things.)
Mama Squirrel was not the label-maker.  But she did get the idea from what Green & Gorgeous did with big chocolate bars

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