Thursday, December 02, 2010

December Books, Day Two: The Wombles

Again, not strictly a Christmas book--but they're sometimes my favourites.The Wombles, by Elisabeth Beresford, was published in 1968 and inspired more books, a TV show, comics and a rock band. The book is full of gentle adventures and subtle humour. In the Christmas section, the normally shy Wombles find themselves reaching out to a lonely Human Being that Great Uncle Bulgaria meets in the park.
The elderly gentleman shook his paw and blinked and then when he saw the other Wombles he very sensibly came to the conclusion that of course it was all a dream, but as it was a very pleasant one he might as well enjoy it....The Wombles, who had all been warned beforehand about Great Uncle Bulgaria's guest, behaved splendidly and shook the visitor by the hand, being careful to sheath their claws before they did so, and Alderney fetched him a very beautiful-smelling hot drink, and Orinoco handed him a chocolate bun, and Bungo led him to a seat in the very centre of the long table.

The elderly gentleman ate and ate in a way which earned him Orinoco's deepest respect, and he roared with laughter at Great Uncle Bulgaria's speech and clapped like anything at Tobermory's conjuring tricks. And then came the great moment for the presents to be discovered, and he was made to go first and by some very strange coincidence what should he bring out of the tub but a most beautiful black umbrella!

'But that's...' said Orinoco, looking at Bungo.

'Yes, it is,' agreed Bungo, grinning from ear to ear....and they sat and watched the younger Wombles playing games and at the end of a particularly noisy round of Blind Womble's Buff the elderly gentleman, or Mr D. Smith, said:

'Best Christmas I've had in many a long year.'


Jeanne said...

We're big Wombles fans here too!

Jeanne said...

I wonder where my Wombles book is. I'm off to look. Back looking through your Chrissy books as I look to replace mine. It is a wonderful resource, thank you.

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