Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival...and Jimmie's Lenses

Jimmie's Collage hosts the latest edition of the CM Blog Carnival. Don't miss the wonderful post on habit training--and what we can do even when it's "too late"--at Adventures on Beck's Bounty.

I also found out recently that Jimmie has a Best Charlotte Mason Blogs page at Squidoo, and you can link from there to find out more about her other "lenses" and interests (including China, where she lives). "Lenses" is a new term to me, but I think it means a way to round up sites and information on a particular topic. I found some more interesting stuff from Jimmie here. Lots to look at!

1 comment:

Jimmie said...

Well, gee. I'm flattered to get so much attention. :-) You are right a lens is an individual's view on a particular topic. It's Squidoo's name for a webpage.

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