Monday, November 23, 2009

Some holiday homemades I'm eyeing

These may actually get sampled here this year. (Some were found through Cents to Get Debt-Free's post Packaging Ideas for Edible Gifts.)

Hot Chocolate Pods at Big Red Kitchen

Heaven on a Stick at Cents to Get Debt-Free (dipped pretzels)

Cider Beetles at Elfster. I like her Reindeer variation too, as well as the "Mulling Minnows" at Big Red Kitchen. And I was really happy to see that you can get LITTLE cinnamon sticks at the bulk baking store--I really don't like smashing up the big ones.

Malted Milk Buttons and Crispy Rice Shortbread, two variations on a Master Dough recipe that I found in a (thrifted) December 15, 1998 Woman's Day magazine and which were adapted (with others in the same food article) from One Dough, Fifty Cookies by Leslie Glover Pendleton. We have a list of our own favourite Christmas cookies, but these might get worked in too...we Squirrels don't tend to go for the very fancy cookies, we prefer taste over glamour.

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