Thursday, November 23, 2006

Book Reviews, Part 4

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Mini-Books by Joyce Herzog

These are some of those books I mentioned that I wouldn't use so much myself--my children haven't needed extra help in learning language or their colours, and we don't have a toddler Squirrel around anymore. But I think they're great just the same, if only for the reason that so many homeschool books are big and fat and slightly intimidating (and cost thirty dollars apiece). Anybody could use these booklets--anybody. They're fairly inexpensive, most of them are only 16 pages long, and they're simply written. The toddler booklets, especially, would be great not only for those planning to homeschool, but for any parents, especially young parents who maybe don't know what to do with their little ones.

Including Very Young Learners in your Homeschool and Toddler School in a Box are similar: they both provide several pages of suggestions for teaching big/small, under/over, letters, counting, colours, cutting. I like one of Joyce's "Hints for Success": "Continue teaching and mixed practice until [the skills] are mastered. Cheerfully repeat."

Developing Language Skills has more of the same but isn't labelled as a preschool book; it would be helpful as well for slightly older children with language delays.

Using Graph Paper to Enhance Learning has probably the least content of the group, only because so much of its sixteen pages is taken up with diagrams. You can get the general idea of what's in there very quickly. But it's helpful, especially with graph paper of all sizes being so much easier to find or create now. (The only graph paper I see in the stores here has four squares to the inch, but that link lets you generate any size squares you want.) Joyce's booklet shows you how to use squared paper not only for math (including keeping things lined up) but for penmanship as well. A great suggestion someone gave me was to use a notebook of graph paper for older students' math work; Joyce suggests ways that younger students can benefit as well.

A lot in a little space--I think these Mini-books could have many uses.

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Tim's Mom said...

I can make my own graph paper? Ooh la-la, this could change my life! I've linked to make sure I don't lose the link. :)