Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Crayons' Birthday

Crayons turned four a week ago, and last weekend she had her first "girls' party" with her sisters and three young friends. We made her a butterfly birthday cake and played some butterfly games we came up with after perusing some other peoples' butterfly birthday ideas, like "Caterpillar Caterpillar Butterfly" (that's Duck Duck Goose), "Butterfly Garden" (a combination of Musical Chairs and Twister), and a bean-bag-toss game (toss the "butterflies" into the "flower pot").

Crayons really liked all her presents: the Dora the Explorer CDs and colouring books from her aunt, the Playful Patterns set from us, a big stuffed doll from one set of grandparents, and a toy golf set from her other grandpa.

But do you know what she and Ponytails have been playing with the most this week? The homemade bean-bags (just squares of fabric filled with beans and fastened with rubber bands) and the "flower pot" pail, and the cut-up squares of construction paper from "Butterfly Garden." They have been playing the music we used and playing the games over again. (Come on, Mom, come do the butterfly dance with us!) As they say...go figure.


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Several years ago Pipsqueak and JennyAnyDots spent hours and hours playing with a rabbit family- the colored rough sketches of rabbits, cut them out like paperdolls, and developed an entire city of rabbit families, and their extended friends and relations. It was wonderful to watch and listen.

Then my mother, enchanted, found a stuffed mama rabbit dressed roughly as the girls had drawn their mama rabbits, and this one had an apron full of pockets of baby bunnies. She bought one for each of the girls, and they never played their paper doll rabbit families again.

Kids are so funny. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

coffeemamma said...

Happy birthday Crayons! I like Dora too. I have a Dora colouring book, too, and a computer game I use during my VT time. But Peep is still my favourite. Do you still look like your picture on my fridge? You had a hair cut, is it still short? Happy birthday again! (How old is she Mommy? Four?! Now we're the same age!)


Mama Squirrel said...

Here you go!

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